The MC in MC Hammer stands for Monte-Carlo. This tool is inspired by seminal tools such as Oracle Crystal Ball and Palisade @RISK for their ability to quickly build and analyze Monte-Carlo simulation models using Excel functions and automations. MC Hammer replicates their logic, functions and elemental tools in Julia, thus significantly reducing the time, lines of code, complexity and effort to perform advanced modeling and simulation.

Installing MCHammer

Install the package as usual using Pkg.

    using Pkg

If you need to install direct, we recommend using ']' to go in the native Pkg manager.

    (v1.1) pkg> add

Loading MCHammer

To load the MCHammer package

using MCHammer

Getting your environment setup for modeling

In order to build your first model, you will need to get a few more packages installed:

  • Distributions.jl : To build a simulation, you need distributions as inputs. Julia offers univariate and multivariate distributions covering most needs.
  • StatsBase.jl and Statistics.jl : These packages provide all the functions to analyze results and build models.

To load the support packages:

  julia> using Distributions, Statistics, StatsBase, DataFrames